Matt Hutchison, Three Minute Man

Jerseyband, Forever Hammer
(Rangletorian Records, 2012)

Jazz Lunch, Housewarming
(Reoccurring Dreams Records, 2012)

Heart of Barf, Look At These Teeth

Heart of Barf, Spanglish Ballroom Dancer

Lawrence Moss, New Paths
(Innova, 2011)

Heart of Barf, Boat Inspection

Sting, If On A Winter’s Night…
(Deutsche Grammophon, 2009)

Shakira, She Wolf
(Epic, 2009)

Brad Linde Ensemble, Feeling That Way Now
(Bleebop Records, 2009)

Jerseyband, Beast Wedding
(Rangletorian Records, 2009)

Jerseyband, Live: Lung Punch Fantasy
(Rangletorian Records, 2007)

Jerseyband, Little Bag of Feet For Shoes
(Rangletorian Records, 2003)

Jerseyband, JAKE
(Rangletorian Records, 2002)

Jerseyband, Christmasband
(Rangletorian Records, 2001)

Steve Reich, Triple Quartet, Music for a Large Ensemble, Electric Guitar Phase
(Nonesuch Records, 2001)

Jerseyband, Tragedi in the Mangky
(Rangletorian Records, 2000)